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How to remove malware in WordPress ?

Malware in WordPress is one of the most irritating things, you will experience with your WordPress site. Here are some of the reasons your website may get attacked with malware:

1. Using old themes or plugins in WordPress repository
2. Using free themes or plugins which are not in WordPress repository
3. Using free or templates from third party websites which may not be of quality standard
4. Not using security measures like changing default admin login links, not installing ssl certificate properly, not installing firewall, not blocking spamming ip’s.
5. Using simple passwords

Effects of malware attacks

Step 1. Your website will start generating spam links
Step 2. Your dashboard gets distorted
Step 3. You will not be able to login in the website
Step 4: All your data will be shown in the front end
Step 5: Your clients and users data is stolen
Step 6: hackers may delete files on your website
Step 7: Your website will be directed to third party spam websites
Step 8: hackers may show explicit or hacked notice on your website
Step 9: Your complete data may be lost, beyond recovery
Step 10: If you do not fix the issue quickly, all other websites on your server will be infected.
Step 11: Your hosting provider will suspend your account

How to keep your website free from malware?

1. Never use nulled themes or plugins
2. Use creative admin usernames instead of standard “admin”
3. Have a strong password
4. Change default wp-admin and wp-login links to something else
5. Install wordfence with firewall protection
6. Use standard themes and plugins, the less number of high quality plugins are better. Try to add maximum codes for simple features. The plugins have to be regularly updated
7. If you are using third party themes or plugins, make sure that they are from verified and serious sources. plugins are one of the main source to get malware and hacking
8. try to avoid templates from envato or other platforms.
9. Always take regular backups of your website

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